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Farming Simulator 2013 v FS 2011 Regarding Available Mods

Farming Simulator 2013 v FS 2011 – on the PC; –  Also; Will the consoles versions on the xbox 360 and PS3 be better than Farming-Simulator-2013 on the PC? Yes – most definitely!

Farming Simulator 2013 v FS 2011?

All I can do here is give you my personal opinion, (as DerTebbers says in his video below, there is no point arguing with me, it is my opinion and I am entitled to it). So, you would expect that I would say the newer version is better, but it is not. Well, not yet anyway!

  • I’ve merged two posts here, because the articles kept crossing the same points in each. So, I gave in and put them together. And that brings me to the ‘Well, not yet anyway’ part.

Farming-Simulator 2013 is in its infancy as regards mods on the PC. And now, with the news that FS13 is being released on consoles, (the developers have added another map and lots of bigger and more impressive vehicles), it will expand the game and perhaps bring in a wider audience, which will then appeal to and draw in more modders, who have not even heard of the game yet. We are at the start of a new era from this PC origin genre.

For me, the farming game is about rest and relaxation. I still play the old 2009 PC version. And I have my old-timer tractors and trailers working together for a glimpse into the past. I am not really bothered about the hustle and bustle of bigger vehicles and stressing out over running the farm, as I see a lot players doing in YT videos.

I do like to get things running smoothly, habitually ticking over, without stress and duress. Great, this FS13 game has the crops withering! Oh man, I cannot deal with that. I think ‘courseplay’ has to move on a few more development stages, for me to really get into and enjoy a game where I have to deal with time restrictions. If I want stress, I’ll go and play Battlefield 3 or COD!

  • It annoys me when I see some idiot’s video on YouTube, emptying a New Lexion 770 Harvester with and old small rickety apple-cart from 1930, and then they complain the game is crap and the wagon is useless. Why do they even bother playing it?

For me, (you know what I’m going to say now), FS11 is more enjoyable! In my opinion, the default map and modded maps you can get are much better than the FS2013 default map. (Which I find tedious and boring). I possibly will like the American map much better, in the xBox console version. But, I am hoping that it becomes available for download on PC too.

I have xBox, and will get the console version, to compare and test and enjoy! But, currently FS11 wins hands down, better maps and more of them, more mods available that actually work. (See later in this post, DerTebbers video showcase). And, no withering crops!

Great, this FS13 game has the crops withering!

Oh man, I cannot deal with that.

Kill the scarecrow post. for

I Fink I’ll rest-up herez a while!

Will the consoles versions on the xbox 360 and PS3 be better than Farming-Simulator-2013 on the PC?

Yes – most definitely!

I am getting a lot of new Farming-Simulator game players asking me about the new release of Farming-Simulator-2013 on the xbox and PS3 consoles coming this September 2013 (or before).

They are asking – will FS2013 be better on consoles than the FS 2013 game is on the PC? My answer will be a resounding yes!

Farming-Simulator-2013 on the xBox has an extra map for the American Farm as well as the European Farm map from the original PC version of FS2013.




  • Assuming Farming-Simulator comes to the PS3, (It is being ported to xBox 360, but the developers have not mentioned the PS3 yet. Except that the news is that Farming-Simulator is ‘being-ported’ to a consoles version).
Farming-Simulator-2013-Pre-ORDER-PS3-Box-Art02 at


Here’s the low-down from the main lead developer’s horses mouth. Marc Schwegler, Associate Producer for Farming-Simulator-2013 tells you all about it. The game footage you see in this video is fron the PC version!


It will be better on the consoles version for several reasons, most errors and poor performance are often down to the lack of processor power or the right gaming set-up on the gamers PC. The consoles version of FS2013 will negate this problem all-together!

Most issues on the PC version of FS2013 concern the mods; e.g.

  • with mods not working correctly,
  • or not working correctly when other certain mods are installed along-side them;
  • mods not being bench tested for longevity and compatibility with other mods
  • and mod packs having missing files and all that silly stuff.

This will also be negated on the consoles version of Farming-Simulator-2013:
The developers are not likely to release any mods that are not working, incompatible with other mods, or are just downright out of scale. (See this relative post here about FS2013 Mods STILL GLITCHY).

For the quick news of it according to GamerSheep –Farming-Simulator-2013 on the xbox and PS3 consoles

Farming Simulator 2013 v FS 2011?

My own personal preference is still for Farming Simulator 2011 because not only are there a lot of mods already available, that I use in my game, but as you will see from the lengthy video made by DerTebbers below, most of the Farming-Simulator-2013 mods are really crappy and don’t work.

It is as if someone has rushed the mods through to get a handful ready and not many modders seem to be taking the time, care and attention to detail that they should.

It will improve by the time of the consoles versions release, yet; Although I’d expect to see mods in the form of DLC, we have not got any hard evidence that this is the case as yet. But you can expect that those DLC mods will be picture perfect when they are available.


Krone-BigX-Beast-Pack FS2011 Mod

The Krone-BigX-Beast-Pack is a mod-pack, (found all over the various Farming-Simulators mod sites), it is a great mod pack to get.

Usually you can use it for many different crop types, but this particular mod seems to turn everything it touches into silage.

That’s great if you just want silage!

This mod is shown here in FS2011 (LS2011) but should also- soon be found in FS2013.  It works well with CP (courseplay) in field-mode if you are just driving using driverhelper.

The Krone BigX is great for producing silage from grass or corn, but is most economic when cutting grass to silage, as grass re-grows, and the field does not have to be re-planted like with other crops such as corn.  That means no time taken to cultivate, seed and spray!

Silage is just silage, so there is no-point in generating it from corn when grass silage is the same as corn silage!   Mostly you will just get silage from the Krone BigX.  However, my other son (Chris), and I, had been experimenting with different wagons to unload the hopper into.

Sometimes, the silage becomes grass for feeding, other-times it becomes corn!  It seems to depend upon the wagon type and cutter combination but most obviously, the crop type.

Try different types of auger wagons and standard tipper wagons with the Krone. Auger wagons are usually shaft-driven types of trailers like the over-loader, that can unload their cargo into other vehicles or spread, drop or collect a crop mechanically when towed.

In the video, we are using the FS2011 default forage wagon that can collect grass from underneath and it can expel the load mechanically, throwing it out of the rear of the trailer, like when filling the cows feeding trough.

Problems: Different wagons can collect the crop as grass, others as silage. That’s not working as it should in the real world, where selecting the cut-type in the X-disc or changing the cutter head to a corn-cutter collector is the usual way to create silage or just cut-grass for feed.

Also, the crop type in the hopper wagon, (called a BigX-Cargo), can change if you run over different crop types. (I think it is a fault that should be fixed). However, the main reason I have presented this Krone harvester, is for silage. If you just use it for silage production from grass, there is nothing better than this!


Video- Edited & Directed By Liamado

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The FS2011 Follow-Me Mod

The Follow me – MOD for FS2011

Just put the file in your mods folder.
Mine is working, -even with all my other mods like field status, which get in the way visually and conflict with keys! You can get round it, by pressing CTRL+F to designate ‘Follow’, then by jumping out of the vehicle and pressing CTRL+F again (to turn off the field status if you have that mod installed), Then jump back in the vehicle!

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