Drive Green John Deere PC Farming Simulation Games

Drive Green John Deere PC Farming Simulation Game!

We are going back in history, to 2006 through 2009.  Unfortunately, I do not have my copies now, since newer PC changeovers and loss of Farmer-George’s original game copies.

Drive Green PC Sim Farm 04

Drive Green PC Sim Farming

Back in 2006 we were playing American Farmer and later North American Farmer, then in 2009 we got Drive Green. They were all John Deere based vehicles and all great games to play.

Well, this guy says it all, ‘the best game in the world, on his Puter’. I agree, (I’d have to;- being Farmer-George). I had to watch a lot of videos made by so-called fans of farming simulator games, until I found this guy’s video.

About the other videos I found: If people aren’t cursing-away, they are just being particularly obtuse as to what they are supposed to be doing!

Anyone should know not to take a plow or cultivator over a growing crop field. They should also know not to drive erratically in circles and diagonals from field to field, (but then they complain that the game is crap, because they cannot get instant gratification)! It is not a fair review of a game when they play it wrong.

If you are watching other peoples videos, (especially on YouTube), please remember that most non-farming simulator fans, are not giving you a fair review of these games!

A great video! He seems to be sincere with his comments, which is what we like to hear, even if we don’t agree. (about it quite being the best game in the world). I heard lots of other people talking about this game, but no-one I saw making videos, had a clue on what to do and they did not even have a logical grasp of how to farm.

Most of the video makers, for this game did not have a clue on how to play it. Why would you just start making a video about a game, that you had never played before?

You can see that the developers had all the right ideas in this game, just the lack of technology in the game engine, game mechanics or whatever the technical lingo is.  You can see that crops sway! All the elements are there too, like weather changes, night and day, lights on tractors. The games had everything.

The game seems to have everything you need at a basic level. There was no facility to install mods , (as far as I remember), as with Farming Simulator 2009, 2011 and 2013 versions.

If you want this game to complete your farming-simulators collection, then your can purchase it on eBay or Amazon as there are still copies floating about. The chap making the video also tells of getting it from other sources in his second video. (below).

The game plays smoothly enough, I played it for a while but then lost the game and after a computer hard drive failure and have never reinstalled it since. (It was actually on the PC when I got it secondhand, along with a load of boxed games).

If you enjoy playing Farming-Simulators, you will definitely enjoy playing the old Drive Green, John Deere, PC Simulation Farming Games. Buy NOW! Click here!