Installing Courseplay into Farming Simulator 2011 and FS2013

Installing CoursePlay for Farming Simulator 2013 is easy, just go and download it here.


Post Notes:  I am giving you this in two parts, because some people still love to play FS2009 and FS2011 with earlier versions of Courseplay, (as do I).

The first is all the waffle about and for the newbies and the second part is the continuation, the main how-to, is for those who can handle files and just need a little pointing in the right direction. So, ere goes!

Hay there! (pun intended)! I knows you can’t understand all that worzellin’ about, tryin’ to figure out how to install courseplay into FS2011. It would be easier to fit a prize turnip into a sparrows nest. But, worzel no-more, ’cause eyes is ere to elp you. Courseplay 2.4 video tutorials (Helper mode tutorial added).

Me an me brodder!

What does courseplay do? Course Play, to say it easily, allows you to control your vehicles on automatic. You can set up tasks for your vehicles to perform, that are more complex than just setting hire a worker. You can record courses, (‘routes’ if you like), to tell the vehicles where to drive, what path to take, where to stop and wait and then move on to another location, do somethings else, (like deliver a load). You can then get the vehicle to return to the starting point. It’s great fun and you’ll love it.

About this post. This post is aimed at earlier versions of courseplay, than v3.12, because somewhere between versions 2.4 and 3.12 the EXE installer version of the courseplay mod, now actually now controls the vehicles without you having to install the line of code into each vehicle.

My best advice for you is if you are running FS2011, then please use v3.12 courseplay. These installation instructions are therefore redundant, since (again I say), all you have to do is run the EXE of courseplay and that’s it installed in one go, with no-more to do. Only use this post if you are wanting to install earlier courseplay versions, also there is a similar install process to the old Tractor Route mod for FS2009, and I have been told that this post helped when installing that.

The easiest download is the Version 3.12. CoursePlay, because this one is a simple installation. You do not have to alter each and every vehicle file like you do with earlier versions. But, if for some reason you want to use the older versionsof courseplay with  FS2011 then this post will explain the process step by step in detail.

I wrote this post in 2011, (on one of my other game blogs -. ‘The Sims’ I think), to help friends who were playing the game. I had a lot of feedback from them whilst writing this post, so I think it is pretty comprehensive. Yet, it is now redundant if you install the courseplay 3.12 version, because you do not need to install the individual vehicle mods. Just one simple click of the EXE file and a few seconds later, it is all installed.

I have updated and rewritten this post a lot to reflect this. Giving you info on Notepad++ and links to useful searches and downloads you might want.

It is assumed that you already know where your FS2011 Mods folder is and that you have downloaded mods before at a basic level. Then have been successful in copying them to your mods folder. The usual process is to download mods to a separate downloads folder, and then to move or copy them to your mods folder.

There is a benefit to copying the mods, (leaving the original download untouched), and simply not moving them. In that, if you alter the mods like we are going to do and that alteration goes wrong, you will still have the original file to go back to and you will not have to download it again! Don’t forget that mods you’ve downloaded, have already cost you money for bandwidth and might not even be available anymore.

It would be a good idea to get Notepad++ (That’s Notepad plus plus), rather than just the basic notepad to open and alter files with. Notepad++ has lots of pretty colors and separates and highlights the different parts of the HTML code in the vehicle files. So, by using Notepad++ you will be able to see exactly where to add the new instruction without any hassle. (But, you can struggle with notepad if you like to do things the hard way)! If you don’t have Notepad++ upgrade now. Click Here to search for it with Google!

There are TWO basic parts to installing earlier versions than 3.12 of the  courseplay mod. First you put the courseplay mod file its-self into your mods folder, (or let the EXE version of the mod do it for you); then the second basic part is, that you have to alter each and every vehicle that you want to work with the mod!

So, this second part is actually the laborious-part of the work. But it is easy when you know how and I am going to show you how step by simple step. I say the install has two basic parts, because the second one, although you have to do it for each mod vehicle, is actually just the same line of text, inserted into the different vehicle files, at the same point in each file.

My tip is to just alter one or two mod vehicles to start with. Then you can test it and get playing with it straight away. There is no point in altering all of your vehicles at once anyway, as you will only need the mod to work on certain vehicles. Those are the things I worried about before I knew how to do this, so I think I can empathize with you, if you are anxious about this.

My first two courseplay-enabled vehicles where both tractors. A Fendt Big Bull and a John Deer 6930 and the reason I chose these vehicles was because they only cost $2 and $0 respectively. If it went wrong I would not have spent thousands on new vehicles that I didn’t need. Yet these were good vehicles that I had already tested.

So, before you install the mods on each of the vehicles, do the same and make sure each vehicle is working and will do the job you intend before you try to make the courseplay mod control the vehicle.

Let me give you some tips and reassurance about doing this. First, create the extra folders like I do in the examples below to keep everything separate and easy to find, then you can always easily identify and restore files if anything goes wrong!

If you already have mods installed, then you are halfway to doing this easily, since you know how to move files. Now, some people will tell you to not mess about and to just simply download new mods directly into your game’s mods folder. Don’t do this unless you are a confident file handler! Too many things can go wrong that way.

Create a special folder to download only FS2011 files to and always use it. Keep it separate of the main game files and the mods folder its-self. I actually like to use a separate external hard-drive via a USB to keep all my original downloaded files on. This method does mean that you will have duplicate files on your PC taking up room. But, if anything goes wrong with your game, and you have no-original copies elsewhere you lose everything. What if you delete or alter them by mistake or your main ‘C’ hard drive breaks? Then you not only lose your game saves, but also all of your downloads too.

You can keep files separate on your main hard drive if that’s all you have, But, once every 3 to 5 years, I have a major main hard drive failure, on one of the many PC’s I use. But, I can just re-install windows and the FS2011 game from disc and I still have all of my original file downloads on my separate USB connected hard drive. Its great peace of mind.

The first thing you need to do is download the courseplay mod its-self. search for the latest version of courseplay on Google. CLICK HERE!

01 CoursePlay_How-To_Article_Image_of_v3.12_Download

01 CoursePlay. How To Article. Image of v3.12 Download.

I got my version from But there is no point in giving you the exact link really, because it keeps getting moved, deleted, updated and repaired. You will just have to find the best version that works! My advice is to go for whatever the latest version is. I started with version 1.6 and went through some other versions up to version 2.4 but, then jumped to version 3.12 out currently at June 2012, (the latest I can find to that date).

If you get version 3.12 you only need to install the courseplay file into the mods folder with the EXE program.

Make a folder in your downloads folder for the CoursePlay download and title it according to the version number, so that in future you can easily identify it. My current courseplay folder is called CoursePlay v3.12. Get it?

02 CoursePlay_How-To_Article_Image_of_v3.12_Download

02 CoursePlay. How To Article. Image of v3.12 Download.

NEXT: In that CoursePlay v3.12 folder, I create two more folders. One for the EXE file and the other for the ZIP file. (It is just a force of habit for me that I like to keep app files separate. The ZIP file download, is for if you want to put the ZIP into your FS2011 Mods folder yourself, whereas the EXE file, runs a quick self install. (I used the EXE). But I still took a copy of both files just in case!

03 CoursePlay_How-To_Article_Image_of_v3.12_Download

03 CoursePlay. How To Article. Image of v3.12 Download.

Once you have the main files separate, the best thing to do is let the EXE file place your ZIP file into your FS2011 MODS folder. Don’t get confused here, you have basically got the same file twice. The EXE is a bigger file (as you will notice), because it is a little program its self, that looks for your mods folder, (for people who don’t know how to copy the ZIP file into the mods folder), and then puts the ZIP file in there. It is a little redundant really, since you still have to know how to alter the individual vehicle files, which is a little more involved. If you can do that, you don’t need an EXE to install the ZIP file into the Mods folder for you, do you?

If you later try to follow the instructions to copy the CoursePlay ZIP file to your MODS folder after already running the EXE file, (that does it for you); You will simply get, ‘This File Already Exists, Do you want to replace it with this file?’ type of warning. Its OK, you can replace it, but you are just copying the same file over its-self.

I have tried to explain this to people before, (as you can probably tell), and some people just don’t get it. You can move the ZIP file yourself, of you can run the EXE file to do it for you. The EXE file contains another identical copy of the ZIP file within it.  Just run the EXE file and lets move on, OK!

Now, nothing will happen yet at this point if you try to play your game and right click the mouse (this is the courseplay control), whilst on any of your vehicles, because none of your vehicles have the second part of the mod installed into their files yet. I know that there will be some newbies coming back here and saying, IT DOESN’T WORK. No- you are right, it won’t work yet, because you are not finished installing this yet. If that’s you, give yourself a smack now, then stop crying and follow the rest of these instructions.

The Second Part!

Do not have your game running! If you only have one copy of your vehicle mod file to work with, I suggest that you make a backup copy! (Unless, if like me you already have a backup in the form your original download; then you can work directly on the files in your mods folder).

Notepad++ cannot see the specific file we need to alter, whilst it is still in the ZIP file. (You can tell if it is a ZIP file since it will have a big ZIP running down the middle of the icon of the vehicles mods file folder and it will be called .zip). Duh, yes I know you knew that, but there will be many that don’t.

I like to create a new temporary folder inside my mods folder, so that I can work on my ZIP mod files.

04 CoursePlay_How-To_Article_Image_of_Working_on_Files

04 CoursePlay. How To Article. Image of Working On Files.

Create a new folder in your Mods folder, (you will delete it before you run your game), This is very useful if you have lots of mods to work on. Let me just talk you through what you will be doing, then go ahead and do it.  You will choose a vehicle ZIP file to work on. Drag it, (or copy it), into your temporary work folder, and open it.

Next you will copy the modDesc file up one level into the temporary folder called AA oo Work Folder, next to its ZIP folder. Then you open it within Notepad++ using the file menu and navigating to the AA oo Work Folder you created. Now you can open the ModDesc file. (stands for  Mod Description I think). Then you will modify the file by adding a line and typing courseplay  in that line-. UPDATE REMINDER! You do not have to do this with courseplay version 3.12 and later.

NEXT, you will save the file with the same name, (overwriting the old file), and then cut or copy the modDesc file back into the ZIP file it came from.  Then drag or copy the whole vehicle ZIP file back out of the AA 00 Work Folder, back up one level into the Mods folder again. If you copied it, go back into the AA 00 Work folder and delete everything in it, ready for the next file. OK – HERE WE GO!

Oh, but before you go ahead, if you mess everything up, (ITS NOT MY FAULT)! You do this entirely at your own risk and discretion. OK! No-come-backs. 

Do what I tell you and you will have no problems. My 11 year old can do this easily, working from my instructions, that’s how I tested my tuition. Also, you might want to know why I suggest using a work folder. Well, it will help keep your file intact. If you open and drag the modDesc file directly out into the mods folder. there might be other modDesc’s waiting to fool you and get copied over.

Also, if doing an Agroliner tractor vehicle, the modDesc file won’t be sitting next to it when it lands in the mods folder. It will be alphabetically separated and be sitting near the files starting with M’s. So, just do as you are told an be a good farm worker, OK! HERE WE GO..

Modding your Vehicles to work with CoursePlay. Audio Part 2.

If you followed part 1 above, you needed to install the CoursePlay Mod into the Games Mods folder, then create a work folder to modify the individual vehicle files so that they work with the courseplay mod. Call the work folder AA 00 Work Folder.

Go into your Mods folder and create a new folder called AA 00 Work Folder, That name will keep the folder up at the top and front of your files if you have lots of mods installed.

Choose a vehicle mod from your mods folder. (It is best to choose a tractor, choose  one that you recognize or one that is a cheap dollar amount, and one that you tested earlier when you had the game running, so that you already know it is a working mod and that it does what you want it to do).


05 CoursePlay. How To Article. Image of Working with John Deere 7930 File.

All this is so that you can test it in the game. After you’ve done this process once, you will easily have the hang of it and be able to complete alterations on all your other files.

Drag the vehicle file (or copy it), into the work folder. In my example I am using the John Deere 7930.

John Deere 7930 Tractor

John Deere 7930 Tractor


07 CoursePlay. How To Article. ZIP File on its own.

Open the ZIP file! Don’t worry! Depending upon the security setting on your PC, you might get a warning like. “This page has an unspecified security risk – are you sure you wish to continue”. Say yes!


06 CoursePlay. How To Article. Image of Just Say YES.

It is OK to continue. All this is, is a general warning, because your PC does not recognize the file. This file is recognized by your games application files within FS2011, but not by your PC’s standard operation files. So, the PC’s general rule is, if we don’t recognize it, be afraid of it. And scare the newbie to death with a warning.

08_CoursePlay_How-To_FIND THE modDesc_file

08 CoursePlay. How To FIND THE modDesc file.

When the file opens, you need to copy (because it is safer to copy not cut), the file called modDesc, there is one in every vehicle ZIP mod. So, that’s easy isn’t it!

09_CoursePlay_How-To_modDesc_file_outside its ZIP folder

09 CoursePlay. How-To. modDesc file outside its ZIP folder.

You need to take a copy of it out of the ZIP folder. Because files in the ZIP folder are compressed files, but when you take them out of the ZIP folder the open up to their full interactive state. When you put them back in, they compress again. That’s a simplification and is how I understand it anyway. Don’t sweat, just do it!

NEXT: Open Notepad++ (or other file editor if you want to do things the hard way), then use the ‘open-file’ command from within Notepad++ to navigate to your AA 00 Work Folder,  Open that and then click to open the modDesc vehicle mods files.


11 CoursePlay. How-To Highlight and open.

Look for <vehicleTypes>
Below that list, you need to add a new line, saying the same code – but the specialization this time is going to be “courseplay”.


12 CoursePlay. How To Find the vehicleTypes LIST.

Highlight and copy the last line, making sure to get the exact width of the code with nothing extra. Basically, every slash, dot, asterisk and symbol can mean something and change the meaning of the code. Get this wrong and your mod might not work.


13 CoursePlay. How To Highlight and copy line.

So, the line is <specialization name=”courseplay” /> don’t alter anything else.

Next, with the courser at the end of the last line you just copied, press return to open up another fresh line. Then paste the copied line in the new last position. It doesn’t always line up exactly, but, usually it does. Don’t worry, if it doesn’t. (You do have a backup copy don’t you)!

In my example below, you can see that the last line has “revLimiter” in it, but don’t use this as a mark, because in nearly all vehicles it is a different word in that last line. Don’t worry about it, just copy the line and change the word to “courseplay”.

If you highlight the the word within the speech-marks, you can just re-type your new specialization word. “courseplay” in lower-case.


14 CoursePlay. How To Change line.

This is what the finished code looks like. (See below).


15 CoursePlay. How To Changed to courseplay.

Next, SAVE the modDesc file and overwrite the old file in your work folder.


16 CoursePlay. How To Overwrite old file.

Now put the modDesc file back into the ZIP folder by right clicking, the modDesc file and then use CUT this time and then open the ZIP folder with right click (and say ‘YES’ yet again), when you are back inside the ZIP folder, right click and PASTE the modDesc file. When it asks if it is OK again to overwrite the old modDesc say YES again. (IT IS)!


17 CoursePlay. Return the modDesc file to ZIP folder. Then return ZIP file to Mods folder.

THEN DRAG or copy the ZIP file back up into your mods folder!

That’s it. You’re done! – Do it again for one or two more vehicles that you recognize; Perhaps even write down which ones you have done! Then you are not wondering which ones your have and have not done at a later time.

Empty your AA 00 Work Folder before altering the next ZIP file. and delete it before you run your game, just in case it interferes with something. (My game runs OK and I leave my Work Folder set up and empty).

You need to test your work now. You’ve done well my farming sons and daughters of might, muck and manure. Go take a well earned rest playing the newly installed modded vehicles.  Make me a cup-o-Yorkshire tea before ye go.

Your next challenge is learning how to use the courseplay mod. Watch some of the videos on YouTube, even the foreign language ones and you will get the hang of it.

Here are some operating tips: Like:-

Drive on the right hand side of the road.

Stay away from water and don’t cut corners near water.

Keep the shiny-side up and the dirty-side down!

Don’t sit on a broken bottle or eat yellow snow!

Keep your nose clean, (ooh yuck, is this your handkerchief)?

Farmer George .

dub dub dub dot Farming hyphen Simulators  .codot uk

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