Square or Round Straw-Bales

Yo ho ho, me shipmates. (Oh, wrong game)!

Well, the ‘ho ho’ part is almost right” I should say “hoe hoe”.

Hoe K; intros done, About Square and Round Straw-Bales in FS2011.

If you just use the basic equipment for picking up bales, (like you have to when you are just starting out in a new game), then you are best to go with square bales.

Note: My version of Farming Simulator 2011, is the Platinum Edition. I’m not sure what implements and vehicles come with the none-platinum versions, (so if you know, then please write in or comment).

Square bales, I say, because you can pick them up easier with the spike forks. (Incidentally, if you had any 2009 mods, they sometimes work in the 2011 version. I even had some 2011 mods running in FS2009)!

Round bales can be picked up easily, I suppose, but there is the problem of transporting them, without them rolling off the transport trailer wagon. (Not a problem if you have the correct bale trailer)!

The main point why I suggest square bales, is that the square straw-baler continually picks up straw and bales it, then spits out the square bale as you move, without stopping!

Whereas; the round baler machine, requires that you press ‘x’ once a bale is pressed, the baler stops picking-up straw whilst it spits out the bale. Then, you have to close the baler with ‘x’ again and during that time, you have missed a lot of straw on the ground, if you kept moving.

Otherwise, with the round baler, you must stop and wait for the baler and even reverse sometimes to get a bit of straw that you missed.

So, practice and learn, you will discover this for yourself; But, like I did, you might not realize all of this detail to begin with, if you are a newbie to Farming Simulator 2011.

As a last benefit to pressing square bales, the first automatic bale-collector trailer wagon available to you in the Platinum edition, (I don’t know about the non-platinum editions), is the square bale collector. You just do a drive-by, pulling the trailer, and it scoops-up the bale and stacks it in the trailer, to form a hay-bale stack when you off-load it.


Keep the motor running!

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