The FS2011 Follow-Me Mod

The Follow me – MOD for FS2011

Just put the file in your mods folder.
Mine is working, -even with all my other mods like field status, which get in the way visually and conflict with keys! You can get round it, by pressing CTRL+F to designate ‘Follow’, then by jumping out of the vehicle and pressing CTRL+F again (to turn off the field status if you have that mod installed), Then jump back in the vehicle!

Also I had the lead vehicle travel a Course-play course and the following vehicle still followed!

This will be great for ‘travel-to’ courses  – convoy.

Also, it might be useful for following the baler (recording the baler with Course-play),  and at the same time, have two or three Auto-bail-collectors collecting the bales behind you, when one is full the second will start to fill. I will detail my results below!

First, you need to get the ‘Follow-Me’ Mod.   At this link

Change log.

v0.52b – First public release on LS-UK.

What can this mod be used for?

Have you ever wanted to make a transport convoy? Or, just be able to cut grass, place it in a row and have it picked up, all in one go? Well, you could before Follow-Me, but it was harder to set up, using Course-Play.

Try this: Cut the grass with a three arm cutter, with a following tractor pulling a windrow to turn and collect the grass into a neat row. Then have a forage wagon (or two), follow behind that.

It is all going to be about your chosen course though! Don’t turn too sharply for other vehicles in your convoy!


I have just been bailing on a large field, using a baler that pulls its own 24 bale auto-stacker, (its a mod I have had for a long time and don’t remember where I got it). At the same time I was recording the route with Course-play!

Before I started Course-play, I set three other similar 24 auto-bail-collectors being towed behind their own balers following me using the ‘Follow-Me’ mod.

I set the rear vehicle to bale and collect first, then when it was full, I stopped the convoy and set a wait-point, leaving Course-play in record mode. Then, I got out of the vehicle on-foot, (but you can also switch with the fast switcher mod),  and jumped into the last vehicle. I turned off ‘Follow-Me’ and sent it on another Course-play course that I had set up earlier.

I have four ‘travel-to’ courses set up, that start just behind the brewery in the default map, they go to the bio-plant and all park in different places, but end up side-by-side in what I have called parking area 1, 2, 3 and 4.  So I sent my rear vehicle to parking 1 at the bio-plant to be emptied later, when I am ready.

I jumped the next new rear vehicle and set the baler and auto-stacker working, then out-on-foot again and into the lead vehicle. Driving again as before, till the rear vehicle was full and repeated the disconnection from the convoy and set it to the bio-plant.  I continued like this till all the vehicles were full.

I saved the Course-play course a ‘f4-follow-bale-01’ (Meaning Field 4, baler course number one using follow-me).

When I came back on a subsequent harvest, all I had to do was set up the convoy and set the rear vehicle to bale and collect. Then, I went off and worked else-where and kept my eye on the text messages you get from Course-play 3.2 to say that ‘x’ vehicle has reached a wait-point. Then I just had to attend to the last vehicle as before and continued the Course-play course.

It is a different way to bale, and a great bit of fun!

Caution! You cannot use a standard set-up of baler and separate auto-stacker to bale and collect using the Follow-Me mod, because the second vehicle follows the center line of the lead vehicle. This means it will run over the bale that is produced by the baler of the lead vehicle.!

The correct way to bale just using Course-play, is to record just one course for the baler DRIVING an OVAL COURSE and then use the same course for the auto-stacker,  but tinker with the ‘Vehicle-OFF-SET’ within Course-play, so that the pick-up arm on the auto-stacker, follows the center line of the lead vehicle’s baler.  Thus, picking up the bales!

Make sure you drive an OVAL course!

My auto-bale-collectors work because the tow arm leans out and lines up the bale pick-up arm with the bale as it comes off the baler!

I found using ‘Follow-Me fun to use for baling, but there is a quicker way. I use four separate balers with tow arms, towing auto-bale-collectors (24 bales), and set then all off at certain intervals so they do not collide. Getting four balers working on a field at the same time!

Additionally, those four separate bale and collect courses end up at the bio plant, so I don’t even have to intervene once I have set the balers working.

The ‘Follow-Me’ Mod works really well with the grass cutting and collection, for feeding to the cows.



My route was to go in a gentle oval, always turning to the left, (as that is the best direction for the auto-bail-collectors to turn. I made sure I did not turn too sharply. Driving around in an oval shape.

Start facing north and drive up the east side of a large field, turn gently left before you reach the very end.  Don’t worry about missing a bit of straw on the corners.  When you come round the same corner, on the second and subsequent passes, you won’t miss as much straw, because you will be following your last curve’s turn, but one vehicle width over.

When I had completed the job I continued to drive to the bio plant where I would off load the bales. The Course-play recorded the path. The following vehicles worked.

A TIP: To get more bales out of your field, use a smaller width cutter on your Lexion 770 Combine harvester. You get a large capacity hopper tank and lots of side-by-side straw trails to pick-up.

Did you know, that if you get like 4 or 6 bales from a row of straw, it doesn’t matter if you used the 12 meter cutter of the 3 meter cutter. You still only get the same bales out of the run of straw. This is obviously a fault with the mathematics in the game!

A 12 Meter cutter being four-times-wider than the 3 meter cutter, should leave four-times-more straw on the ground behind the harvester, right? It doesn’t!

Back to the bailing fun: – I re-seeded and grew the field again and then set-up the lead and follow vehicles as before. this time, I sent the baler off on the courseplay course! It worked!

I sat-back with a pint-o-cider and a plow-mans lunch at the pub-brewery, and watch them work. ‘Cause I love hard work, I could watch it all day!  Then the plowman asked me to pay for his lunch I had taken a liberty with! “Next time, get your own”, he said!

With the “Follow Me” mod, all vehicles that have the ‘Steerable’-specialization can now be told to follow a leading vehicle. Or as someone said. – “its like an instant Course-Play”.

How to use it?

Download the mod at this link.
Place the file in your mods-folder.

I did not do the next step, it just worked as-is, all I did was put the mod into my folder and start game as usual – at first I though it was not working, then I realized that I had mixed up my right from my left. I swears, eyes don’t know my turnips from my carrots.

I was pressing the LEFT CTRL and pressing ‘L’ and ‘F’ instead I should have, and did eventually press the RIGHT CTRL key with ‘L’ and ‘F’!     – “L” is for LEAD vehicle  and “F” is for FOLLOWING vehicle.  However, there are more instruction to follow apparently, as follows. I would test it, if I were you, before you mess about with the next step. Mine worked, yours should too!

Once Farming Simulator 2011 is started, go into Options->Controls, and verify if you want to change the keyboard-bindings from the default;
– Follow-Me:Leader     RIGHT CTRL L
– Follow-Me:Follow     RIGHT CTRL F
If you do not see these, check out the DLC2/ProFarm1 problem and fix at;

Do please note that, once you are in-game, the helpbox will first display the keys when the modifier-key is actually pressed, so you do not end up  with a huge helpbox. A modifier-key is; LEFT SHIFT, RIGHT SHIFT, LEFT CTRL, RIGHT CTRL, LEFT ALT or RIGHT ALT.

!! –> This mod is for SINGLE-PLAYER ONLY. <– !!

Only ONE vehicle in the whole map can be the LEAD Vehicle, at any given time.

Start by selecting the vehicle that should be ‘the leader’, and activate it with RIGHT CTRL L. You might want to drive a few meters, as it has to drop some ‘invisible breadcrumbs’, which is needed for the followers.

Then select another vehicle, and place it behind the leading vehicle, and in the same drive-direction. Activate the “follow” with RIGHT CTRL F.

Go back to the leading vehicle and drive it along any course you want. The ‘following’ vehicles should drive after it. Do note that reversing or backing up is not allowed. Though you can do it, just don’t expect the followers to do the same!

Deactiveate the LEAD and FOLLOW vehicles, be re-pressing Right-CTRL with ‘L’ or ‘F’ as before. If you deactivate the ‘leading vehicle’ (by pressing RIGHT CTRL L again), all followers will stop instantly where they are, no matter how far behind they are.

The ‘invisible-breadcrumb’-trail that the leader makes, only extends for a certain limited distance behind the LEAD vehicle. Therefore if a ‘following vehicle’ gets too far behind, it may loose the trail and stop driving.

Problems or bugs?

Known bugs and problems:

1) This is a beta version!
2) It is single-player only!
3) When activating a ‘follower’ vehicle, it may be too close to a vehicle in front, that its collision detection fails, and it drives into the vehicle in front.
4) The ‘followers’ do not always drive at the same speed as the leading vehicle, which may cause them to fall behind.
5) Vehicles with custom acceleration-controllers, like Knagsted\’s IHC2388 HydroStat or JD 8400 PowerShift, when they are active, setting the vehicle to follow may cause them to not move or drive.